Considered the oldest family name in Chicago pizza, Lou Malnati’s is as rich in history as its pizza is in flavor. Lou Malnati’s coupons can be used on your next visit. Lou Malnati’s is a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in its service and quality. With 30 locations and growing, they often get questions about franchises. Although Lou Malnati’s knows franchise opportunities can be a great way to grow a company, they want to ensure that every pizza served in each of the locations is handmade exactly to the specifications so Lou Malnati’s can deliver on their promise of quality. Lou Malnati’s coupons can be used when available.

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Lou Malnati’s success comes from their commitment to quality. Every Lou Malnati’s pizza is handmade from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients. Every year the Malnati team hand selects California vine-ripened tomatoes for the perfect sweet and tangy taste. The exclusive sausage blend is seasoned to their exact specifications. The fresh mozzarella cheese comes from the same small dairy that has supplied Lou Malnati’s for over 37 years. And the family’s secret recipe for flaky, buttery crust has been passed down from generation to generation. Use Lou Malnati’s coupons for a tasty meal. You’ll know with every bite that each pizza was made with care and special attention.

Chicago style deep-dish pizza is the heartiest of the pizza varieties and typically eaten with a knife and fork. The dough is patted out by hand and raised up high on the sides of a seasoned deep-dish pizza pan. True Chicago style pizza actually has a rather thin crust that compliments the delicious toppings.

The order the ingredients are placed on a Chicago style deep-dish pizza is “backward” from a thin crust pizza. Chicago style deep-dish pizza is made with slices of mozzarella cheese that are placed directly on the dough. Then additional ingredients like mushrooms, onions and sausage are spread on top of the cheese. Customers can use Lou Malnati’s coupons on a delicious meal. The pizza is then topped with a fresh tomato sauce made with whole chunks of pear and plum tomatoes and topped off with a sprinkling of cheese and spices.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzerias have stayed true to the original Chicago style deep dish pizza recipe that Grandpa Malnati helped create in 1943 at Chicago’s first deep dish pizzeria. The Malnati’s family uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available. The secret recipe for the flaky, buttery crust and exclusive sausage blend is unmatched in flavor and taste. Use Lou Malnati’s coupons when available. The tomato sauce is so crucial to the making of a great Lou Malnati’s pizza that each year a team from Malnati’s goes to California and meets personally with the tomato growers. The finest vine ripened plum tomatoes are then blended and canned exclusively for Lou Malnati’s use.

Community Involvement: Every year Lou Malnati’s participates in the city’s annual Taste of Chicago. People line up for the best deep dish pizza in the world! Lou Malnati’s also traditionally participates in Buffalo Grove Days and Schaumburg Fest. In Naperville, Lou Malnati’s is a proud supporter of the city’s Public Safety Month, hosting the annual fundraiser at the downtown Naperville location. Twenty percent of the restaurants’ proceeds from the night of the event go towards the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Burn Camp for Kids. Customers can use Lou Malnati’s coupons when available.