PetSmart is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. They operate more than 1,160 stores in the United States and Canada, providing a broad range of competitively priced pet food and pet products; services including pet training, pet grooming, pet boarding and pet adoption services. The stores are stocked with more than 10,000 products, all available at everyday low prices. The millions of dogs groomed and bathed each year in PetSmart salons are pampered at the hands of pet stylists who must complete a rigorous PetSmart safety certification process. See current deals and offers from PetSmart

Grooming isn’t just about a fabulous “do,” it’s also about keeping pets happy and healthy with services including expert nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing.¬†Dogs and their pet parents grow smarter each year with help from our accredited pet training instructors. In addition to ensuring pets are happy, well-behaved members of the family, training classes help solve obedience problems – the number one reason pets are relinquished to shelters. And with the SmartPet PromiseSM, training customers are guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction or they can take the class again for free.

FAQs about dog treats: How many treats can I give my dog each day? The most important thing you need to know is that treats should be no more than 10% of your pet’s total calorie intake. Can I feed my dog the same treats at every life stage? Age matters! Dogs have different nutritional needs at each life stage and there are treats available that can help you meet those needs. For instance, if you have a senior pet with sensitive teeth, consider moist treats. Treats made specifically to support older pets’ joints are also available. Or if you have a puppy, smaller treats that are specially formulated for your little one are readily available.

My dog has some special needs. Can I still feed him treats? Whether you’re looking to freshen your dog’s breath, reinforce the well-being of his joints or provide some extra skin and coat care there’s a treat out there for you and your pet. Many treats are also specifically aimed at weight control and some are fortified with vitamins. If you’re looking for a treat to help freshen your dog’s breath, look for one that’s crunchy or has specific breath freshening qualities. To help improve joint well-being, consider treats containing glucosamine and chondroitin. For extra skin and coat care, treats that contain specially formulated ingredients like sunflower oil and linoleic acid are ideal.